Case Collaboration, Simplified

Communicate and collaborate easier through our smarter, faster and streamlined case process


Secure Collaboration

Privacy and Security come first to ensure the safety of your people, cases and data


All network traffic and data in the cloud is encrypted, including data at-rest.

HIPAA Compliance

Protect youself against audits through state-of-the art data protection.

Backups and Exports

Your data is backed up nightly because even the cloud can have problems.

Time Saving Features

Work faster and save time with streamlined processes and new ways to collaborate.

One System to rule them all

All aspects of case management are covered, so no more switching between systems.


Every feature of RapidNotes is available for phone, tablet and desktop

Location Awareness

Mobile workers have their mileage and trips automatically recorded.

Maps and Geospatial Analytics

Visually find problem areas and optimize mobile worker driving routes.

Real-time Chat

Communicate instantly from your desk, tablet or phone.

Secure Cloud Storage

Upload your case assets to the cloud where they are encrypted for protection.

Optimized Forms

Get better data, faster during intake and investigative processes.

Advanced Reporting and Predictive Analytics

Be proactive with warnings and notifications of negative trends.

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